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Monday, March 14, 2005

Things to do In Vancouver 

Welcome to the series. Today's entry has a special place in my heart, and mostly just bores The Lovely One. Oh well. But it's awesome.

The Trev Deeley Motorcycle Collection is the best Vancouver museum you've never heard of. It's in the middle of Richmond, and it's free, but you have to book the day off because it's only open weekdays from 10-4.

Do it. If you have the least amount of gearheadedness, you will love it. The Harleys in the collection are special and plentiful, as you would expect from the collection of the late Trev Deeley, Harley-Davidson dealership owner and former board member of the Motor Company. But all marques are well-represented, and the collection as a whole is world-class. It includes one of the very few Hesketh motorcycles ever made, and oddities like two different rotary-powered motorcycles: a Suzuki RE-5 and a Hercules.

Trev Deeley Motorcycle Collection
13500 Verdun Place, Richmond, BC, Canada
Phone: (604) 273-5421


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