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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Am I suck or not? 

The construction of The Whip (among other excuses) has left me not training as hard as I should have been. On the other hand, I have done 3 training races in two weeks. Let's look at the outcomes.

Race 1: Tuesday nighter, May 17: attacked too much, got spat out the back of the pack during the sprint. Suck Factor 5.

Race 2: Thursday nighter, May 19: attacked too much, put in near-brilliant counter-break in heavy rain to teammate Rich's doomed breakaway, got caught in the last corner. Suck Factor 4.

Race 3: Tuesday nigher, May 24: attacked not at all, but looked good by sitting on the front during a descent (fooled my teammate into thinking I was working), avoided the crash, and from a non-optimal position managed to sprint to fifth place. Suck Factor 3.

Lessons learned:
-follow Zenya around, because he's big, fast, and wins a lot
-fried chicken is never the right answer. Urp.
-Taco Del Mar makes a glorious fish burrito, and it tastes great after a race
-sometimes the placebo effect from a new bike is as good as actual training.

That is all.

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