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Sunday, May 29, 2005

My Life is Better Than Yours 

Eliding out the boring or unpleasant bits, here was my afternoon:

-Test-drove a Mitsubishi Eclipse convertible with The Lovely One as the afternoon turned hot and sunny. It was TLO's first ride in a convertible.
-Returned home, made a G&T for myself, which I then used to lubricate the grilling process. Looked up the proper grilling technique for bratwurst on the new laptop ("Panoptibiblio," or the all-seeing iBook) while I sat on the patio waiting for the grill to heat up.
-Sat on the back deck grilling brats, drinking gin, and amusing the dog.
-Ate two sausages and some coleslaw.

It's all good, but the iBook is shortly to get a promotion to 768 MB of memory, which will be better. And if you know of anyone selling a nice 4-seat convertible, use the usual address to contact me.

Maybe it's just the gin talking, but life is good.

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