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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Best bike face ever 

This is a pro-quality race face. That's from this year's Belgian National Championships. Baguet (left) ends up winning a very close photo-finish.

Speaking of which, I haven't blogged my glorious experience at the Norm Lowe Memorial Road Race this weekend, a serious piece of riding with a mean-spirited set of rolling hills in the course. For me, a victory consisted of making it home with the pack. Well, I made it to the last lap, when it all went crappy. I finished below my customary mid-pack level, though not by much (35/65 starters), and sucked wind in what was supposed to be an A race for me.

But I console myself with a tiny thought: I'm not built for the hills. The next race is not hilly, it's a flat 30-minute criterium, the Yaletown Grand Prix. My bunch starts at 2:15 pm on Canada Day. I will do well here. Well, I'd better.

At least The Good Thing is, so far, so good. Pictures shortly.

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