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Monday, June 13, 2005

Weekend Racing 

On the weekend, I did two races, because I like extra pain.

The Brockton Criterium in Stanley Park was my Saturday ride: I expected it to hurt, and it hurt. A Cat 3/4 crit on a technical course, in the rain. Me no like. I managed to hang in for about 30 minutes of a 40 minute race, then pulled up after getting dropped and experiencing a minor mechanical. Suck Level 5, because there were Cat 3s involved.

Saturday was the glorious Atomic Road Race, a serious 60km in Abbotsford, with lots of short, unpleasant climbs. Oh, it hurt.

Sometimes, I don't even realize how a race has gone until I see the results. Our race had 73 starters. I suffered mightily for the entire race. I eventually got dropped with about 5 km to go, tried to chase back to the group, threw up on myself, and dragged myself over the line minutes behind.

I finished 32nd. That's not a good place, but strong riders whom I respect finished behind me. Over half the field finished behind me. Sometimes you just don't realize how selective a race has been until you figure out that most of the riders just didn't make it. Let's call this one Suck 6, because I threw up, bobbled on a climb, and bumped into and frightened a teammate, but I didn't get caught in a crash, and I beat half the field.

And now I'm home sick. Bike racing is mental.

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