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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Fun with Primes 

Holy moly. I won the prime sprint in last night's Tuesday Night training crit, which means I have won prime sprints in each of the last three crits I have entered. And adding glory to glory, I managed to pick up third place in the finish, too, and teammate John, after doing colossal amounts of work all race, came from way back to sprint into second place, and good on him!

Excellent teamwork, and I just felt at ease for the whole race. Suck 2 again, maybe even Suck 1. The guy who won the race just went a little earlier and more audaciously in the sprint than I expected, and I think I would have had the legs to beat him if I had been smarter.

The prime sprint? Went into my favourite corner third in line, confident at that point that nobody could get around me because 1 and 2 were so quick. was second into the complex set of esses before the straight, and when the first guy went, I just sat on him, looked back to make sure we were clear of the others, and then came over the first guy without any trouble.

Today's a flex day for me, so it's berry-picking time. The blackberries are in full force.

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