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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Ryan Cousineau racing his bicycle: A Spotter's Guide 

It was pointed out to me that certain fans of mine who came out to watch me race last week didn't know what I look like on the bike.

This is understandable: 60 riders, 40 km/h, and picking out a face is going to be hard.

So here it is. On the bike, I look like this. I'm in the red and white Escape Velocity uniform

The key things to notice in that shot are my gangster colours, which are a constant. The other thing that makes me easy to pick out is that I'm one of the smaller, rounder riders. The distinctive white frame of my bicycle, The Whip, should make for clear identification, too. The helmet, alas, could be either black (shown) or red, depending on which one I pull off the wall.

As for when to see me next, well, that's tricky. The next major event I'm likely to contest is the BC Criterium Championships on August 14. I'm sure you all want to get up for a bike race that starts in North Van at 8:45 on a Sunday morning. Anyone? Anyone?

More sensibly, I'll be doing most of the Tuesday nighters at UBC, and hope to do more of the Thursday nighters in Richmond. Those races run weekly, weather permitting, until the end of August.

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