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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Looking through the archives 

I was testing out some template changes to The World's Only Cybermorphic Weblog (new archive menu! Flickr photos!) when I found an old post that could use some follow-up.

Here's the updates: The Park Tool levers eventually bent as well, and though I still use them, I just bought some replacement levers, this time Zefals. So far, I'm crediting cheapness over quality.

The cat still gets insulin twice a day, but surprisingly doesn't mind much. Okay, sometimes it bites me when I inject it, but it doesn't flee from me when it's injection time. Quite the opposite, disturbingly enough.

I have been comped two sets of bike socks this year, and they're very nice. If you ever want to buy me a random small gift, bike socks with an amusing graphic on them will do nicely.

I haven't seen Strider since that chance meeting nearly a year ago, so I should write him. And the last pinball I played was Pokemon Pinball for the Game Boy, which I have been playing rather a lot.

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