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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'm breaking up with Fitday 

Argh. I can't take it any more. The user interface, I mean. Yesterday is the last day I will log in Fitday, at least for now.

Why? Well, you can read my journal entry for the details, but it's down to one basic problem: the user interface for entering foods is so tedious, it takes too long. Also, I'm a little scared to enter some of the things I ate recently.

I still think Fitday's concept is great, though: while I kept it up, I enjoyed the idea of entering all the foods and tracking calorie intakes. It did give me a solid idea of what was happening to me, input-and-output wise, and I think I am better prepared for the Winter (a traditional weight-gaining season for me) thanks to the feedback of Fitday.

But it is so slow to enter food...

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