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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Vanier Park Cross Classic Movie 

It is done. Share & Enjoy. You are cautioned that this is a 30 MB movie, and it is well over 7 minutes long.I am inordinately proude of this, especially since all the source material was shot with my same old Coolpix 2500 that Eric sold me about a year ago. That means no shots longer than 15 seconds, which imposes a very useful discipline on the auteur. Deflecting the first likely question, the music is two Björk songs from Selmasongs: "Cvalda" and most of "In the Musicals." Selmasongs is the soundtrack album for the movie Dancer in the Dark, a film which I regard as the best movie which depends on an Idiot Plot.Thanks the people (Pinner, Duncan, Gord) who mentioned they liked the first video, and to Krebs for such a good event. Results are up.PS: let me know if there's any interest in a shorter version of this video (say, 4 MB with just a bit of dismounting and no Björk) or if anyone wants either the raw footage or the uncompressed version of this film.Update: Andrew "Pinner" Pinfold, winner of the event, has a nice diary entry that describes the battle between him and Rick Federau for the lead.    

Update: I have adjusted the link to the video. It now points at a more permanent home at Escape Velocity. Thanks, Gord!

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