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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Federal Playoffs! 

Oh, I'm such a political junkie.

It fills me with something like shame to admit how much I enjoy a good election campaign, especially a federal one. And this after all my bold words about the importance of local politics. But I love local politics like I love amateur sports: the important, useful end of the entity, where all that tasty subsidiarity happens that I so love.

Federal politics exists in the same space as professional sports: it's serious players in widely-watched leagues, and I love to watch and cheer. Expect me to try to winnow out some statistical details during the campaign whenever possible.

I shan't spoil this posting by telling you which team I cheer for. Most of you already know, and I don't want to spoil this blog for those of you who would be disappointed to know that my hobbies include cycling, photography, and overthrowing the imperialist running-dog capitalists of the world.

Hm. The standard complaint is true: communists are still funnier than fascists. Mel Brooks will be disappointed.

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