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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Jelly and Comments and a Dog Story 

Strangely, nothing about bicycles tonight.

Like last year, I found myself doing one last, late batch of jelly. This time it was grape jelly, courtesy my parents' vines. I love found fruit.

This jelly was quite a surprise. I made it with mostly green grapes, and you'll have to take my word for it when I tell you the juice didn't look all that impressive. But something about the jelly-making process magically clarifies it, and the jelly is the colour of golden raisins. Thanks, Mom and Dad! First life, now jelly.

In response to feedback, I am going to open Wired Cola to comments. Don't make me regret it.

And now the dog story. No, not the one where the dog bites my hand so hard it gouged three holes in my hand, though that did happen.

I'm puttering in the laundry room, door to the back yard open. The dog trots in from the back yard, its head entirely inside a 2 kg plastic peanut butter jar, last seen in the recycle bin. The dog seems completely unconcerned by its unusual state. Fearing oxygen deprivation, I pull the jar off astro-dog's head right away. Next time it tries that, I'm taking photos.

Considering that the main problems we have with the dog, aside from the occasional lapse in waste product positioning, are all mouth-oriented (snapping, biting the cat, stealing food, going through the garbage, biting me...), I'm thinking we should have left the peanut butter jar on the dog a little longer.

Oh vanity, all is vanity. No, I'm just posting this to test the comment-o-matic.
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