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Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Neutral Zone 

So it's been a weird few days, mostly because I'm taking care of The Lovely One, who has been all kinds of sick. Apparently one of her students gave her Martian Death Flu.

But life goes on, and I'm working on some projects. There's a bike-related graphic design sideshow, A lot of photography, family parties, the ongoing bicyclic Cane Upgrade Program (update: fork and wheels acquired. Upgrade iminent), and random Christmas shoppery.

TLO doesn't read this, so I can tell you: this year I'm reprising a trick I have pulled only once before: giving loosely thematic gifts for each of the 12 days of Christmas, one a day.

Two things: it's a surprisingly elaborate project, and you are better off buying most of the gifts before Christmas Day rather than relying on post-Christmas shopping, because if you're like me, those days will end up pretty frantic. The current score is 11/12, I think, and I have a pretty good idea what the twelfth gift will be.

Guys: if you want to impress a very special girl, this stunt is a great idea.

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