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Friday, December 30, 2005

Ryan Like Fire! 

Yes, It's true. Ryan like fire!

I've had a ridiculous, long-simmering dream of building a turbine-powered small car, probably based on a space-frame surrounded by Mini body panels. If you look at the notorious MTT motorcycle you can see that the engine is just a bit too big for a reasonable wheelbase, but would fit in a car.

Since that dream is crazy, I have downgraded this idea to using a turbocharged motorcycle engine in a similar vehicle. This was directly inspired by some discussions of exactly that idea with Derek Young a few years ago. The difference between myself and Derek is that he has the design and mechanical chops to pull something like this off.

Hey Derek: leave off the furniture. The world needs a 300-horsepower rwd original Mini.


A 130 horsepower go-kart? Powered by a repurposed motorcycle engine?

Thank you sir! May I have another?

I've seen that before, and it's awesome.

I searched around looking for one other thing: the apparently popular mod of GSXR-izing an ATV. That is even more dangerous then this kart project, and therefore cooler. I couldn't find any working links though, but several people have apparently done it.

Then there's also the insane P1 SuperKart. They start with 250cc V-twin motorcycle engines liberated from (wait for it...) GP250 motorcycles, which means something close to 100 horsepower and very little weight. The most famous one belongs to ex-GP500 champion Wayne Rainey, who was paralyzed in a motorcycle racing accident. Maybe even faster around a track than the GSXR kart.
I'm aware of guys strapping R1 engines into quads. Hell, you can buy a Yamaha Raptor w/a slightly detuned R6 engine from your local dealer. Why you would need that is beyond me. Or people who turbocharge AND Nos their hayabusas. I'm having a hard time finding the page for the turbo'd gsxr1000 mini, but I"ll let you know when I do. Ran across another page where a guy gsxr1000'd a smart car. I wish I had money - I'd definately have a turbo'd gsxr'd mini. hehehe

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