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Friday, December 16, 2005

What's stupid at $200 is fun for $20  

If I was looking for a last-minute, under-$50, egregiously gadgety, but not entirely useless gift for someone, I'd probably pick up a Fossil Watch on eBay.

The going rate seems to be $20-30 for these things, plus the usual $15-odd shipping to civilization, slightly more to the hinterlands [insert "freak states" quote here]. For a functioning Palm PDA that fits on your wrist, that's a reasonable deal.

I don't get any kickback here, I'm just pointing out something fun. As always with eBay and inexpensive items, shipping costs can be a killer in the end; the shipping on these watches is more than the cost in some cases. Also note that UPS and FedEx can be exciting when used to ship from the US to Canada, for exorbitant brokerage-fee reasons. Don't shop while drunk.

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