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Sunday, January 22, 2006


Why am I so fascinated by enplaned, a gossipy blog of the airline industry? Why has digg taken over from Slashdot as my nerdfeed of choice? Why did I feel so beat up on the club ride yesterday? Why did the lower hinge bolts break on the Beetle's driver-side door? That just doesn't happen. Why do I still feel so tired after that club ride? Is the Old Yale Cream Ale just the best beer ever? What does it mean that in rough order of joy, my liquor preferences go something like: sherry, beer, really good red wine, gin martini? Why is KCPQ showing Men With Brooms?

That's it, I'm going back to having a life. For small values of life.

Ok, Ryan....now can you link Men With Brooms to me? -Jak
Jak: your Men With Brooms number is 3: Kari Matchett was in Men with Brooms, and she was also in Plague City with the lovely and talented Lannette New, your wife.
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