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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Maude is my Favourite 

Macleans has assembled a pile of bloggers for their election coverage, including favourites of mine like Colby Cosh and Liberal bete noire Warren Kinsella. Of five bloggers, I count three who line up as decidedly right-of-centre, and two centrists. All are competent, but the real fun is in watching Maude Barlow, designated lefty, just utterly melt down as she stares into the abyss of a Conservative government. Apparently the Conservatives are going to cause everything from a National Water Crisis to the Weaponization of Space. She doesn't actually accuse Harper's gang of eating babies, but she's willing to go so far as abandoning them.

Of course, for someone of my exquisite taste in babies (you knew I was a baby-eating Trotskyite, right?) this only makes the case in favour of the Conservative bogeymen, and with a completely unworthy (but delicious) side of harmjoy thrown in.

I gotta go do push-ups.

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