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Thursday, February 02, 2006

I may be getting a bit punchy 

Today, at work, I answered an emailed support request from a client. The issue she was facing had gone on through several emails to that point, and each time the client had given her response in doggerel verse.

I sent her back an unsophisticated 18-line poem, which included specific troubleshooting guidance for her problem. An excerpt follows.
A savvy user just recalls computing's rules three:

-Do not go to the sort of sites your mother wouldn't favour
-Do not download from parts unknown: on this, never waver
-Eschew the dreaded peer-to-peer, it's parlous for the new
I do these things myself, you know, and troubles I have? Few.
It's a pretty good job.

I like this. How about...

It takes very little to coax
a newbie to forward a hoax
Before sending emails
just check out the details -
and please don't send forwarded jokes.
Much better than my effort. Now, how about a sonnet?
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