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Sunday, March 05, 2006

HDTV: better than having a life 

Hi Def is changing my viewing habits. I may return to network television, because high definition content is so compelling, I have started selecting it over shows I actually like.

Case in point: I am currently watching the Oscars. Normally the stupidest awards show possible, in high definition, it is nearly delightful. If nothing else, you can play the amazing game good in HD?

They showed a full-HD clip from Capote, too, which made it possible to do the fatal comparison: I think I liked the movie better shown on my (pixel-perfect registration, thanks) 37" screen, with my $600-odd mixed bunch of surround speakers, than I did at the movie theatre.

Oh dear: as I type this, the president of AMPAS was giving a speech talking about how nothing (he was specifically trashing DVDs) could ever replace the movie theatre experience. The Lovely One looked at me and said, "he doesn't have our TV."

TLO is right, the president of AMPAS is wrong. They'd better start working on some sort of magic-def digital films, or maybe Ebert's favourite new film idea, Maxivision, or maybe just making IMAX the new way things are done. Because if I I'm a movie theatre owner, the thing I should be scared of isn't piracy, it's HDTV.

Any other personal news? Um, did my first bike race of the season, took second in a sprint finish. Quit bothering me. I need to watch more television.

"In the B race it was a fast and steady pace throughout the 13 lap, 80 km race ending in a large group sprint. Taking top honours went to Ron Klopfer followed closely by Anselmo Rossiello (Coastal) and Viktor Brudov with Brian Griffin and Mike Boehm rounding out the top five. "

There's one sentence in there that agitates me. Alas, I can only hope it's early season form that will explode later. I am still sick. I am sick of being sick and not being able to train. This has been a random musing by Jonny.
I should have responded to this sooner, but for real fear, note that Ron and Anselmo have done well in subsequent races, too. Ron placed in the Armstrong hill climb, for heaven's sake!

Jonny, get well soon. The fate of Harris-Roubaix depends on you. In good news, Cracker Jak is looking surprisingly fleet, considering he was in hiding for most of last season.
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