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Monday, May 22, 2006

Doing Okay 

Sometimes, that's just how it is. I'm not taking photos right now, because my digital camera is vacationing in Greece. My bike racing is hobbled by ten pounds too many, and I'm not helping that much the way I'm eating right now (but...let's keep this in perspective: bike racing is for fun).

I'm still keeping most of the secrets I alluded to a post or two ago, but I can say that I have a side job I'm doing with The Lovely One right now that is truly exquisite in its irony.

Sure, I'm not in Europe like my in-laws, my camera, or the no-longer-proximate Drea. But I'm happy, and well-rested after a weekend spent mostly catching up on sleep and poking at a lawnmower. I'm optimistic that I'll have some new toys to play with soon, from one source or another, and that's all a novelty-craving fan of middlebrow culture like me needs to be happy for a while.

Now, some rampant bleggary:

-I'm looking for a way to filter and combine multiple RSS/Atom feeds into one super-feed. I'd like to provide a feed of Wired Cola, my Flickr photos, and my metblog posts into one OmniRyan channel. Scary, no? I still have my SFU account, so scripting and serving and rolling my own is not out of the question. Just annoying.

-I'm looking for a track bike frame. In short, something with track "dropouts" at the back end, in my size (50-54 cm for a track frame, probably). Should be cheap. Can be in almost any shape, otherwise.

-I'm looking for a cyclocross or hybrid frame, see above for size. Just something that can take a big tire and has cantilever posts, by preference. I actually picked up a fairly nice one that met all my needs, but Imaginary Dave needed it more and sooner.

-I need some answers: do you have a lot of durable goods around your house that you'd be willing to lend out? Do you wish you had an easy way of knowing if your friends had similar stuff? Why don't you lend things to others right now, or do you?

Other than that? The usual. Walking two dogs. Riding too little. Eating to excess. More later.

I can't be of any assistance to you on your bike part needs, Ryan, but I can point you in the direction of Feedburner for your one-stop-shop RSS-a-thon. I've got blog posts, Flickr photos, and del.icio.us bookmarks all in there. It's all good.
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