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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Nothing to see here 

I'm really writing this item to test a new feed toy I'm experimenting with, thanks to a tip from Gord, that while not itself the solution, may have inspired the solution.

Since I'm here, you'll all be thrilled to hear that I finished a big seventh-ish in my race tonight, and it hurt so much it had to be good for me. I was out of breath and completely useless for a good 15 minutes after the race, and spent considerable time after that feeling pretty woozy, which must be the sign of a good sprint.

Then I celebrated by eating about a thousand calories worth of burrito. A joke you say? No Joke [danger: PDF, large portions]. But it's okay, because I am an athlete!

Note for the kids: it's not okay. But the burrito was really good.

I tried to do that today, but the closed the one near my office. Doh!
Well, that sucks. Seriously, I am a fan of Taco Del Mar. They throw down the serious tastiness.
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