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Monday, May 15, 2006

Violating personal principles 

So after previous rants on the subject of how much movie theatres suck, what was I doing in one a few weekends ago?

Watching Mission: Impossible III.

Why? Someone in my household has a sentimental attachment to the last remnants of joy in the theatre-going experience, and that was the movie playing as a Saturday matinee.

It could have been worse! Seriously, I can't in good conscience recommend that anyone go to a movie theatre ever again, but I was not distracted by lousy projection artifacts, and the movie itself went well with popcorn. There were some places where the plot was paper-thin (our hero trains his wife to be a deadly pistol shot in about a minute; the secret villain's motivations are pretty stupid), and it was a formulaic action movie, but an acceptably satisfying one.

It is much better than you would expect, considering that off-camera, the lead actor is completely crazy.

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