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Thursday, July 06, 2006

I said I'd blog incessantly about my new phone... 

And so I shall. It's arrived today. It came with a small memory card, a big memory card, a bluetooth headset, two sets of stereo headphones/headsets, identical except for color, a mini-jack-to-nokia plug adapter, and probably something I forgot. I'm now putting the software on The Lovely One's laptop, since iSync sync is via Bluetooth only (and probably less capable than Nokia's wacky Lifeblog).

The new toy promises it can be an everything-device: good-enough camera, video recorder, audio recorder, MP3 player, and possibly the ability to make phone calls, though I haven't checked that yet. What I really want to know is if it is good enough at those things. My personal dream is of a phone that packs a camera that could be compared to a Canon Digital ELPH, a UI that compares well to an iPod's, and a phone that works well as a phone. music is a secondary issue. Voice recording would be a nice extra. And oh yes, I want it to sync with two different Groupwise calendars I have at work. I don't ask for much.

What I did check already is that it can do very long movies. Apparently it's limited only by the card size, and the format is reasonably efficient.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Probably not. I'm thinking I'll find a way to strap this thing securely to my bicycle and do a one-take onboard camera shot of an entire race. Because I've always wanted to do that.

Oh, the phone? Nokia 6682.

My brother asked me how many cell phones I had, and including ones I have from work, and the cel I technically share with TLO, the answer is four, plus a fifth I probably could use if I pulled it out of the box, and not including the Blackberry I was playing with last week.

I would entertain any suggestions for what to play with on this phone. Nokia and Rogers have combined to push a couple hundred dollars worth of toys at me, and I don't intend to leave 'em in a drawer.

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