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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I need a friend 

Seriously. One of you 20 readers out there must be a Mario Kart DS player. For the rest of you, ignore this meaningless post. For that one other, my friend code is 163284591673. Send your friend codes to the usual address.

In other "I need a friend" news, I was downtown today. I parked my New Beetle, left my Nintendo DS in my backpack, ordered an iced coffee at a cafe, and wrote a few blog posts on their free WiFi connection.

But I had enough of a sense of shame to feel bad doing it. and I didn't manage to take any photos with my phonecam, so that's progress.

And one more note: the photo I wish I had taken was of the 20-something man in a sidewalk scooter. I'm not dumb enough to assume his use of the scooter was illegitimate. I did, however, note that he had added blue neon under-lights to the bottom of his scooter.

Neon low-rider scooter dude, I salute you!

I used to play MKDS, back when everyone else first got it (darn network effect). Also, I don't have wireless internet to play it at home. Sorry.
Figures. I'm about a year behind the nerd curve. Explains why I only got a robot vacuum this week.
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