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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

An unusual vacation schedule 

I only expected to do one of these things during my vacation...

Morning: have beloved cat put down, because it is suffering acutely and in manifold ways from what was most likely a burst tumor. The cat was pretty much normal-looking on Sunday. Here's an irony: the cat has been an insulin-dependent diabetic for the last three years or so, and its blood-sugar level was about the only number in its blood work that wasn't completely screwed up.

Afternoon: eat at A&W. Field offer from majorish motion picture to use the house as a shooting location.

Evening: make 48 jars of crab apple jelly. This takes about five and a half hours, and is roughly half of the jelly I plan to make this year.

More on this stuff later, I suspect. Except the A&W meal.

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