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Monday, September 18, 2006

Customary weekly note 

Let's do some follow-up and ruminations.

Item: the Fort Langley CX video was one of the most popular things I've ever put here. Glad you all liked it. There will be another one after next weekend's Grand Prix of Cyclocross.

Item: my mother-in-law is so addicted to Brain Age that she's going to get her own Nintendo DS.

Item: The order from LED Shoppe arrived. The batteries seem just fine. The $5 charger I ordered works, but only does 2 batteries at a time. Hm. The two bicycle LED lights I ordered are both pretty chintzy, and I can't recommend them: both required some amount of fiddling to get working, and one sorta works, but doesn't really work properly (it has an extra-blinky blink mode and no solid mode). Also, no smiley stamp on the envelope this time.

Item: I need to get some pictures up of the (obviously) now-complete Bianchi crossover cross bike, tentatively named "Azzuro Sporco" (1.5 beta). It worked quite capably in the CX race, though the rider did rather suck.

Item: I need to lose weight, and gain core and upper-body strength.

Item: I need to work better, and train some skills into myself.

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