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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Escape Velocity Grand Prix of Cyclocross video 

The EV GP of Cyclocross, right there at the West Point Grey Academy in the heart of Vancouver. I'd like to thank Stephen Cork for setting this up, and David Penner and Jeff Ain for doing a bunch of supplementary video, too. Once again, this is the Men's A race, but there's a pretty good chance I'll do a follow-up video for the other categories.

I'm a little baffled: this doesn't seem to be as high quality as I was hoping for, but so it goes. It looks fine in the original, so I'm blaming Google Video.

The race itself was fast and fun, except for the steep, brain-bendingly power-dependent parts.

Here's Tobin's photos. Here's Greg's photos. Here's the results et cetera

I think it is your duty, check that, obligation...ok, really those are the same in this case....to make a full length feature out of the cross race.



P.S. Nice work on the short.

These are wicked videos man! How do you put them up on your blog? I've got a blog going with lots of cyclocross stuff but it isn't as cool without full-length movies!
Thanks, Tom! The short answer is that I start with MiniDV footage (typically 15-30 mins from a Men's A race). I push it into iMovie and edit there. Then I upload the finished product to Google Video.

That's it. I've got some good-quality versions of the videos, and soon I expect to put those up on the web too.
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