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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Ulturducken!. The logical extension of Turducken. Ernie took pictures.

I'm hungry now.

I thought it had been agreed that the extension to turducken was osturduckenail--ostrich-turkey-duck-chicken-quail.

Yes, yes, it has:

Okay, Yes. That's true. But the important thing here is that I've met Ernie's brother, and I read his blog. So that means I now have one or two degrees of separation from the Ulturducken (a better name, let's face it, than the more logical Emturducken).

I wonder if you could fit an emu between the ostrich and the turkey to make an ostemturduckenail?

How about a game hen between the chicken and the quail? Will the madness stop before someone eats an ostemturduckenhenail?

Will we then clone feathered dinosaurs to have the pleasure of expanding this gustatory delight?
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