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Monday, October 02, 2006

Canadian TV: just the ratings 

The answer is here. The question is "where do I find weekly ratings data for Canadian television?" The reason is this engaging debate on the CBC blog.

BBM is reasonably generous with its data, providing not only the current week, but also archives going back as far as 2003.

Being who I am, the first thing I noticed is that the CBC is a non-entity in the ratings. When I dug into a random week in March, it had four shows in the top 30: the early hockey game, curling, the late hockey game, and a Monday night primetime movie. It's not pretty: the only thing generating a mass audience on the CBC right now seems to be sports.

I also found BBM's radio ratings on the same site (current Vancouver ratings are on the last page of this PDF).

CBC radio, if you're wondering, is more popular than its visual counterpart: fourth-best share in the region, though a much lower-ranked reach indicates that the typical CBC listener is loyal to their station, while non-CBC listeners studiously stay away. The FM station is pretty well-rated, too. The big dog in Vancouver radio is still CKNW, but QMFM, while having a slightly smaller share, actually has a greater reach (reflecting, I suspect, its status as the unofficial default radio station of every office in town).

So enjoy the numbers. Tell me what you find.

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