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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

An open letter to Dustin Sacks, creator of Lux 

Dear Mr. Sacks:

You horrible, horrible man.

On October 14th, you sent me a copy of your Risk-y computer game, Lux (I say "Risk-y" because it is unabashedly inspired by Risk, but it is so expandable, networkable, re-mappable, re-skinnable, re-ruleable, and whatnot as to make cloning Risk the starting point, not the endpoint). You touted this as a "friendly" gesture having met me at Barcamp, and as a promotion of your Luxtoberfest, er, promotion.

After a quick try that night, I set it aside for a few days, and then started playing around midnight last night.

I stopped playing at 6am. Then I slept for a few hours, ran an errand, and by 10am I was installing more maps and plug-ins.

I can feel my life slipping away uncontrollably. I played Lux instead of working on actual, lucrative projects. I played Lux instead of working on cyclocross videos. I played Lux instead of bloody sleeping like a normal human being!

Dustin, if we meet again, I'll buy you a beer for creating such a superb and well-implemented little game, but then I'm going to do that tapping-the-bottle-to-make-it-foam thing to pay you back for this lost day. Which is threatening to turn into a lost week.

So, um, thanks a lot.

I think Mr. Sacks would like to see the cross videos you are working on to be finished and uploaded to some sort of viewing site.

Hey man,

Thanks for the cross video.. they are super well done and look pretty pro. Were you guys at the race in Surrey as well?

Sorry to hear about your risk-game problem but my advice is setting an alarm next to your tv so that you only play until the alarm goes off... I have an original nintendo and I can get addicted at times as well.
Glad you liked the videos, Tom!

I was at the Surrey race, and I hope to have something ready to view very shortly. I'd better, because I'm filming the Vanier Park race this weekend!


Tom, my disease is pretty bad. Including the various handheld game machines I have, I own ten different video game systems, ranging in age from an Atari 2600 to a Playstation 2.
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