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Monday, October 16, 2006

Warning signs for the cybermorphic future 

Given that I haven't managed to post anything else here for, um, forever, I thought I'd just link to this mildly amusing article on Warning Signs for Tomorrow. I believe the sign shown here accurately applies to this blog, that page, reality TV, cats wearing clothing, and maybe every blog everywhere.

On a personal note, my excuses for the light blogging and lack of new cyclocross videos (rest assured, the footage has been taken) are, in order: laziness, visiting my grandfather in the hospital (advanced carcinoid syndrome is not much fun, but he's still in good spirits when he's strong enough to talk. It's a Cousineau thing), and a lucrative impersonation contract, once again adding to my long list of odd jobs.

Wired Cola consulting: no job too odd; we can be bought, and we're cheap!

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