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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Canadian Cyclocross championships 2006: Women's Elite 

I was asked to drop by Nanaimo and shoot some video a few weeks ago, since the Canadian national CX championship races were being held there.

Far too late, here's the first video output.

Lynne Lyne Bessette versus Wendy Simms! An epic battle for the women's Canadian Cyclocross Championship. The two of them were within ten seconds of each other from the start to the finish of the race, and nobody else was even close.

I hope I've captured some of the flavour of the course here: the BMX section, the crazy runup, the barn, the stairs...it was a course with a lot of stuff.

Coming soon: the men's race.

Correction: Ms. Bessette's first name is Lyne, with one "n". We apologize for the incompetence.

Nice work! You got some great footage - especially the shots running beside the riders. I know it's not easy to cover a 'Cross race and you got ALOT of different shots.
I'm sure alot of people appreciate your coverage.

You should also checkout the video podcasts that crankmychain television has. I miss cross.
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