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Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Great Canadian Ludicrous Talking Polar Bear Adventure 

So someone in my household picked The Great Canadian Polar Bear Adventure for our evening's viewing. I'm not saying it was The Lovely One. It could have been me....

About 3 seconds in, I sense trouble brewing when I realize this is a live-action drama starring talking polar bears. About 3 minutes in, things take a turn for the weird: we get to eavesdrop on a mundane conversation among a couple of seals, right before a bear eats one of them!

Ten out of ten for not eliding the whole "wouldn't the Lion King want to eat most of his subjects?" question, minus several million for personifying a bear that is now muzzle deep in what was recently a personified seal! If one anthropomorphized being eats another one, is that anthropocannibalism?

You know a TV drama is Canadian when it stars the vocal talent of Megan "Anne of Green Gables" Follows. Howie Mandel, and (for some reason) Don Cherry have also been roped in. The whole thing is "Star Wars Holiday Special" levels of weird. I fully expect a singing polar bear by the second act.

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