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Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Cableland Manifesto 

The Lovely One, having despaired over seeing my messy cable drawer (all nerds have a cable drawer; here's an exploded view of a typical example), was inspired to conceive of "Cableland" as the place where lost, unloved cables go.

Only a nerd would care, but the specific cable I was looking for was a mutant triple-headed A-A-A (all male) USB cable for a laptop drive enclosure. It must be in the other cable drawer. Or maybe the cupboard, or those bins, or up in the attic. Nope, I guess it's in Cableland. (Update: it was in the new bin in the spare room.)

TLO wrote the Cableland Anthem:

Oh what a tangled web we weave
When an electronic connection we try to achieve
Yet within this labyrinthine mess
Live many a cable in acute distress

Oh, where, oh where do unwanted cables go?
What refuge have they, neglected so?

To Cableland they fly and wait
A long-desired connection they seek to make

Finally, they meet
And achieve a fate so sweet,
So longed for
Oft foretold in Cableland lore

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