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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'll buy anything 

That's the only explanation:
Guido the folding tandem bicycle
But it's cute!


this is friggin awesome! clist is the best
coolest bike ever!
I need more info.
What make,model,year is this bike?
Are the wheels 16 0r 20 inch?
I cant find it on CL.
How much?
The ad is already gone, but here's the details as best as I can find:

It's an Italian bike, make as yet unknown (it has a "G" headbadge, with the G on a hexagonal shield). 20" (ISO 406, aka BMX size) wheels. It cost me $220 (I'll buy anything) after some negotiating.

It was on Craigslist Vancouver as "bicycle built for two" on March 4 or 5, I think, but the ad is now gone.

Bike is 1970 vintage, a surprisingly precise date thanks to the Sturmey-Archer AB 3-speed hub: S-A hubs always have the year of manufacture stamped into their shell.

There's some other details on the flickr pix.
It's a FOLDING tandem.

Note the hinge and release on the downtube in front of the pilots cranks.

Mike G.
Yes, Mike G, that's right! But it's sort of a folding-ish tandem. I somehow forgot to mention the folding part.

In a fairly wise design decision, the hinge in the front downtube is closed off with another hex bolt. The previous owners claimed to have never opened the hinge, and I find that entirely believable. I had to pop it to fold the bike into my car.

There is no hinge in the rear body, though I haven't experimented yet to see if the rear "triangle" is foldable (it's bolted on as a subframe).

These shopping bikes never really folded down very small. Previous ones I have seen had quick-release levers on the base of the steer tube and the seatpost, so the bars could be turned sideways and the saddle dropped down to make the package smaller.

This bike has all those quick-release points closed with big 8mm hex bolts instead (Allen-head). It's reasonably sturdy-looking.
Yeah that thing is pretty pimp. You could ride it down to the bar solo and then if you meet a nice young lady you'd have plenty of room to take her home! $220 is a steal too!
Hahaha! a fold up tandem bike? That's the first time I've ever seen that. Nice scoop.
Tom: my lovely wife gets incredibly angry when I use bicycles to pick up chicks at the bar. However, I am seriously considering riding this thing two-up in a TT.

Carol: folding tandems are even rarer than regular tandems, but usually they're owned by serious touring cyclists who like doing serious things like taking their bike to Europe and riding all over. There's a lot of

This thing is some weird proto-folding-tandem, existing long before other, more sensible designs came along.
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