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Thursday, April 12, 2007

I am inordinately proud of my role in this project 

A teeny tiny cyclocross bike. My own, rather larger cyclocross bike will now need building.

Aside from the process of finding a suitable rigid fork for the front of the bike (canti posts plus the right size of steer tube), converting this 20" wheeled "mountain bike" to a road machine was not that hard.

I highly recommend the 20" (ISO 406) wheel size for all manner of crazy projects. Lots of interesting BMX-based equipment is available when it comes to wheels, tires, forks, and the various other likely bits. The semi-slick tires on this machine cost us about $8 each at the local shop.

I am reliably informed that the rider of this machine has been clocked at speeds nearing 30 km/h.

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