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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The black bike 

black bike

More pictures on flickr, of course.

Take one Nashbar "X" frame, add their fork, and then go to town on black parts. Thus the black bike, my purest cyclocross bicycle yet.

I was able to recycle a fair number of parts besides the frame and fork, and Dave helped me with the rest, mostly issues due to this bike having modern sizes for the front derailleur and the seatpost.

It is fun to ride. I had to change the seatpost out during the first ride, though, as it stripped a vital little part. The new one should last longer.

nice bike,looks like it needs cyclocross tires maybe.flat black rules.

It has CX tires now. The road wheels were on there to fit up and test the bike, but it got its first dirty ride last weekend, and mid-week I took it up and down SFU (which was different...).

It is a lot of fun.
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