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Saturday, May 12, 2007

In which I destroy my credibility as a movie critic 

Music and Lyrics is the worst dumb romantic comedy I have ever really really liked. It distinguishes itself by not introducing the Intractable Relationship Problem until late in the second act, long after a rather entertaining series of sequences between the romantic leads. Also, the creators of this movie got the tropes of 80s music videos and pop bands so bang-on that almost any other lameness in the movie was forgiveable.

Oh yeah, and it may be worth seeing for the nearly-charitable (and thus more interesting) send-up of teeny-pop chanteuses in the persona of the character "Cora."

And as for Spider-Man 3, it was much better than the reviews had led me to believe. TLO and I went out to see it at the Twilight Drive-In, and it was a treat.

For those of you who remember this drive-in's previous incarnation as the Hillcrest, the new one is out in Aldergrove, and the snack bar and bathrooms are very nice, and they still use the same great intermission animations. Here's one of them:

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