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Monday, May 14, 2007

You probably cannot do this on your bike 

For several reasons:

Remember kids, these are trained lunatics: real humans should not ride in traffic without a front brake, et cetera.

But oh wow.

Dang, that's pretty cool. I couldn't quite tell, but I am guessing they are on fixies?? And really slick tires? -Jak
Yes, all fixies. There's a sequence starting at 1:20 where the guy is doing one-legged tricks where he stops the pedals with one foot while still smoothly riding forward.

He was so smooth I had to rewatch the video to see if his rear wheel stopped. It does: the postcard in the rear spokes (so that's what they're for...) tells the tale.

Apparently it's an SF group called Macaframa.

I think you're right about some of the road surfaces being slick, but they're also unweighting their rear tires really skillfully.
They're nucking futs. Minus 1,000,000 points for no helmets but the one guy gets most of them back for Bianchi fixie.
Yeah that is an insane video. I noticed the no helmets too.. pretty risky stuff when they're blowing stop signs that fast. But yeah those guys have some mad skills.
Heck, how much is the helmet going to help if you eat a car in the middle of the intersection?
Great riding, and I appreciate their willingness to include the minor crashes as proof of their humility, but fixies were boring 20 years ago. But the best part is when they think I'll yield the right-of-way on the sidewalk. I don't. And seeing as classic physics suggests that two bodies cannot occupy the same space, they lose. Every time.
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