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Monday, July 02, 2007

Fuel to the fire 

I know, you're sick of reading about a telephone that isn't even available in Canada. Or you have no idea what I'm talking about.

After enjoying a long and pointless conversation with a good friend who is intimately involved with the mobile telephony business (he's an iPhone skeptic; at one point he sent me a photo of his business partner picking his nose; I think he was doing this to illustrate the camera in his Blackberry Curve...), I finally found the One True Quote regarding der iPhone:
My old phone, one based on Windows Mobile 5.0, had almost every feature the iPhone has - point by point. The differences between the products (like the differences between their desktop cousins) have to do with how functionality is exposed to the user. In this matter, you'll find that Apple's product is almost infuriatingly superior.

Hey you kids in school: UI matters.


Trust me, working in the cellular industry everyone in Canada is saying "Oh the iPhone isn't going to do well we have phones that do all that and more."

Go into any store, for any carrier, and they'll scoff at the iPhone and try to sell you something else (because it's not in Canada anyway). The fact is though that while other phones might do what the iPhone does, from what I've heard and seen, they don't do it as easily or smartly.

Will the iPhone replace the BlackBerry in the business market? Not this rev no. It doesn't have the BlackBerry's security, and ability to work with nearly any email service, I believe the iPhone only pushes Yahoo Mail. But that's not the market Apple is going for.

Apple realized that nobody likes their phones, except for hard core gadget geeks who change their phones every six months anyway. Unless you're buying the newest grey market Nokias from Asia you probably hate your cell. So they're going for the well off non-geek and getting a few geeks who care about UI in the process.
The iPhone will happily cope with any IMAP-friendly email, but the Blackberry allows calendar integration with (in my office's case) stuff like GroupWise, which is verging on obscure these days.

Calendar integration is a big deal for a lot of business people.

You hit it about people hating their phones. Sometimes I think the Nokia importers are the angriest, not the happiest.

From the reviews and my understanding, there basically is no other phone that has a decent-quality web browser. That feature alone is a big deal for the iPhone. Also, it's a better iPod than the iPod, which is like saying that a steak is better than Kobe beef. That sort of thing will make heads turn.
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