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Monday, August 06, 2007

My vacation can beat up your vacation 

So I'm in Greece. The trip here was relatively unpleasant. We traveled through YVR, Schipol in Amsterdam, and after a 1-day layover, on to Athens.

Athens International is notable because they completely replaced the airport shortly before the Olympics: new location, completely new facility. It's a sadder, cheaper-looking affair than either of the other two, older airports we went through.

We're staying on the island of Syros, in my in-laws' newly-constructed place. It's shockingly beautiful. We look out over the sea from our hilltop vantage, with goats roaming the lower pasture and the hillsides. The food is superb, the weather is nearly perfect (it rained for 15 minutes today, which will probably make the front page of tomorrow's paper), and in every way you could imagine, the place and the times are ridiculously perfect.

The civilized culture of siesta is one I can really get into!

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