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Monday, September 03, 2007

Vacation detritus 

Things that can be exported from Greece to the joy of others: ouzo, loukoumi, halvadopita.

Things you should leave in Greece: mastic liquor (locally, "mastiha," but the transliteration is not universal). Don't believe the review on that page: mastic liquor is weird, like a girl-drink that took a turn for the weird, and remember you haven't even started mixing yet.

Those Campari Red ads: Athens featured billboard ads with Ms. Salma Hayek touting Campari Red all over the place. Now, I am all in favour of more photos of Ms. Hayek in the world. This seems to me a great idea for civic beautification (actually, how about next year, instead of fibreglass whales or bears, we do fibreglass Salma Hayeks in Vancouver? I suppose the need for a local angle would drive the consensus to fibreglass Pamela Andersons), but in several of these ads, Ms. Hayek seems very uncomfortable with the situation. I'm not sure that's what they had in mind for selling booze.

She looks especially perturbed in the picture with the alcoholic tuxedoed trick-or-treaters.

In *all* of the photos it looks like she's regretting ever taking on the contract. Poor thing.
So true on both counts! But of course, she's a professional, and so is the photographer. At some level, the creators of this ad campaign must have been going for that rather "not-so-fresh feeling" look!
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