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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Nerdiness at Criticality 

Item: Michael "Rands" Lopp writes a resonant description of nerd behaviour. Item: Wyn describes a new sitcom featuring nerds which may not suck. I feel the need to point out here that "nerd-human relationships" is a nice coinage based on my hackneyed self-description as a person working in the field of "nerd-human relations." TLO and I are happily working on our nerd-human relationship, however. Item: I read two sports column/blogs regularly. One is Tuesday Morning Quarterback, a football column that interrupts discussions of the negative value of most punts to discuss the details of how hedge fund managers' incomes are taxed. The other is devoted to tracking the latest details of sports uniforms. Item: I spend more time thinking about new ways to reconfigure bicycles than I do actually either working on bicycles or riding them (oops). Item: I loaded the washing machine today with an eye towards whether my new technique for getting the clothes from the hamper to the washing machine was faster (probably not).

Oh, and then there's this. Cal's marching band doing a medley of video game tunes while...acting out pixels in formation?!

Nerdiness at criticality. Evacuate area.

In order to improve nerd-human relations, I am joining my nerd's Facebook group. I once admitted at a party that I only occasionally read my husband's blog. A female acquaintance of my husband remarked,"how can you justify not reading your husband's blog?" Hmmm. I mused on this for a moment while smarting from her self-righteous and disapproving tone. Then, I remembered she wasn't married or hadn't been with the same partner for more than 10 years like I have. FYI: everything in these blog entries I have heard at least once.
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