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Saturday, December 15, 2007

I'm just giving away business ideas! 

Ridiculous idea I thought up while sitting in the back of the car today: homeopathic products for six-moon audiophiles.

What's a six-moon audiophile? Exhibit A: a favorable review of a CD/DVD Degausser*.

For further reading (good if you want to push yourself over the brink of derangement) try their archives. The most fun is generally to be had in the accessories category.

I'm going to start by selling cables doped with a 100x preparation of palladium.

*If you're not sure what I'm on about here, degaussing (and by the way, that Wikipedia link will tell you the fascinating story of why they de-magnetized ships in WWII) is a process by which you remove a magnetic charge from an object. The metal CDs and DVDs are made of thin aluminum foil, and essentially can't hold a magnetic charge. The reading systems for CDs and DVDs involve lasers, which are essentially unaffected by unaffected by magnetic fields. On the upside, all of this means that degaussing a disc isn't likely to cause any harm. Being picky, though, I normally have higher standards for audio equipment than "doesn't wreck things."

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