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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mobile Data just got cheaper. I think. 

Bell is sorta promoting their Unlimited Mobile data plan. It's not clear if this is purely a "walled garden" play, but the short version is that early reports say it isn't: you can just surf the web on your mobile phone's browser, $7/month, unlimited data.

Considering that current data plans range up to something roughly approximating "infinity dollars a month" from most carriers, this is a monstrous breakthrough.

The speculation when it was first announced was that this was a shot by Bell at Rogers, since the latter was soon expected to start carrying the iPhone in Canada.

If it is, it's a really clever shot: the key advantage that Bell (and Telus) have over Rogers right now is a really fast (1X) data network. Rogers has a sorta-fast data network (but GSM-based), and charges the world for access thereto.

Here's some slightly more detailed discussion from HowardForums on the subject.

As for Telus, the rumor is they will be matching this plan ASAP. Rogers? No news is probably bad news.

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