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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Matchstick, Nokia, and Me: one last time 

So, I thought I'd do one more post, a sort of redux of this whole deal whereby Matchstick arranged for Rogers and Nokia to give me a 6682. I've been using the thing as my main phone for a few months, and here's what I think:

On one hand, the camera is not good enough, on the other hand, I've stopped carrying my doughty Nikon Coolpix 2500.

On another hand, the video part is even worse, but hey, on-bike interviews, dog versus Roomba, and Egg Ball Guy.

On one hand, I don't like the camera's UI much, but on the other hand, Series 60 applications, woo hoo.

On the gripping hand, giving me a phone which would work a lot better for me if I could use MMS to send pictures and video, and then charging dollars per photo on a typical data plan fills me with insane rage!

On one foot, the Mac integration is mediocre, which is not pleasing to me.

On the other foot, it's still lots of fun to carry around. I probably wouldn't buy one with my own money, but I didn't have to, and at that price, it's great! I probably would buy this phone with my own money (or even a better phone) if the data plan was within my budget. I'm willing to buy $300 nerd toys (hello, Roomba Discovery!) but I'm allergic to monthly charges, especially ones that threaten to cost more than any of my bicycles, each month.


I talk about pocketspace and the ups and downs of the 6682 and my plans for the phone.

Darren and Boris go nuts at Matchstick. The essence of my tawdry response can be heard in this podcast. Short summary: I can be bought. Travis has some sensible perspective. Non-sensible perspective is also available.

The story made the legitimate media.

I think now, except for more pictures and videos, I may be done. Maybe. Who knows?

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