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Thursday, April 05, 2007

More on Tandems 

So, as we established about a month ago, I'll buy anything.

But after a month, I finally understand what it is I've bought!

Thanks to a bit of research, a kindly James Thomson stepped forward and pointed me at this page, proving my tandem isn't unique. But note the single-sided drivetrain (chains only on one side of the bike) as opposed to my two-sided drivetrain.

But here's a museum-quality exhibit of another (Carnielli) Graziella Tandem, this time in Colorado, and with what appears to be the same two-sided drivetrain as my bike.

And here's yet another Graziella, this time being fawned over by an Italian gadget blog. They're pointing at an ebay.it auction, where the bike seems to have sold for 165 Euros.

Alas, the same James mentioned above also pointed me at this ad for the bike, which was being auctioned off on eBay. Against nonexistent competition, I successfully overpaid for this personally meaningful artifact!

I bought an old Graziella tandem 16 today in Savannah, GA USA. I am looking forward to working on it and restoring it.

There are plenty of photos of it at the link below:


Can you tell me what year my bike is from the serial number? It is 62370.

If you see anything unusual about my bike, please let me know. Feel free to post any of my photos on your website, if you wish.
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